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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Toddler Class 2 | More Pre-mathematics & Fine-motor skills

Toddler Class with Mama continued last Sunday.

Started off a bit late as Hambali took forever to finish his breakfast. Papa did'nt managed to bring the boys to playground as both Papa and Abang Hanafi rushed off for wedding that noon.

Hambali started off with flash card for the first time and just the word for shapes, all 5 flashed each at 5 seconds.

Then, continued with collage activity.
Objective :
Fine-motor skills through tearing and pasting on the designated shapes. Activity took about 15 minutes. Quite difficult for Hambali to do the tearing and I concluded he need to do this often.

Tearing old magazines into tiny pieces

Pasting it on the drawn shape

Tadaa! The finishing touch
(I trimmed the excess edges to make clear the actual letter 'H')

Proceeded with pre-maths skills :
This two toys available most of the time in their toy's container and was bought back in Hanafi's time. It's good that it can pass down to the next, next baby. This activity took about 5 minutes only.

Begun with stacking cups

Continued with stacking ring

I found few almost-close-colours buttons of different sizes and so
I drew the clown-man formed by different shapes.
I asked Hambali to arrange those four buttons from biggest to smallest
and he was able to do it correctly.

Close-up and pasted with double-sided tape.

Yeay! I did it!

Next, time for Art! This time round with roll-art and the roll are made from foam with different surfaces/textures. Roll-and-roll Hambali off to! Activity took about 15 minutes and I reinforced about secondary colour during the mixture process.

Hambali took a break with his pretend play of action hero
(can you see the napkin cape?) and Lego Land.

Here are the whole collections lesson of the day! :)

At the end of the day before his naptime, quiet time with Mama and Mama read story books to him.

NEXT : Toddler Class 3 : Outdoor with fun blowing (pre-science concept)

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