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We welcome you to share as we would never stop learning because we believe the world is our classroom. Thank you.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What have we've being up to for almost a year?

The answer :
1) Having a baby, the 3rd boy addition to our family has been occupying our time most.
2) Mama was and still is busy with networking a.k.a. Facebook
3) House moving

As I am now is transitioning from full-time working mom to work-at-home-mom, I may have more time to write but I just have to do it while everyone is sleeping. Plus, working on my own is not easy as every single thing I have to do on my own. There's lots of homeschool activies we did for the past months, only then it is not being updated for record in here. Will do bit by bit. 

 My 3 bundle of joy and made me busy!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Boys at Craft with Parenthots

Our family had attended this event last 28th of May at Tropicana City Mall 
(very nearby our house, fortunately. :-D)

It was free entrance workshop that something must not be missed plus the awesome freebies and all the activities catered for the day. Found about this event from Parenthots Newsletter of course. Details of what activites being lined up was being announced HERE.

Let pictures taken for the day do the storytelling, ya! :-D

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