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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sign Language & Homeschooling

Another chat about Baby Sign & in relation to Homeschool. Specially dedicated to Homeschoolers Mommas. You know who you are. ;P

Commonly asked questions regarding sign language
in the home-school environment:

Q1 : At what age should I teach sign language to my child?

A : It is never too early or too late. Commonly, it can be start by 6 months or 8 months & some begin later about 15 months. Early benefits to signing with a child include stimulation of speech and language development, as well as earlier communication and decreased behavioural problems. Sign language is a wonderful educational tool for young children because it exercises and develops structures in the brain that are used for language & reasoning. Adults also report numerous benefits from learning sign language.

Q2 : What are the benefits for using sign language as a teaching tool?

A : Sign language is a wonderful resource in the classroom - from preschool, kindergarten, and beyond. Sign language reinforces auditory skills by adding visual and kinesthetic input. Signing also stimulates secondary avenue for conceptual understanding to occur. Sign language also improves spatial skills that are important for solid reasoning. There are so many cognitive benefits to learning sign language.

Q3 : Are there other reasons to incorporate sign language into my homeschooling curriculum?

A : Learning sign language can be a wonderful socialization opportunity for home-schooled children. Simply becoming involved in a local sign language community can boost the social confidence of your child and provide a bonding experience for the whole family!

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