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Friday, March 18, 2011

The day when fully homeschooling being decided

Hanz's : This post was up on 1st of June 2009 and our eldest son, Hanafi was only 5 years old then. More than 2 years has passed and we are proud to state that Hanafi is still homeschooling joyfully.

The one month trial was over and we finally made our final decision. Quite an easy decision to make but we still giving a fair chance to let big bro Hanafi has his say and let him be part of the decision. After all this is his life we're talking about.

Probably any of our family member would against the idea about stopping or removing Hanafi from the prestigious preschool but Hanafi's well-being is what matters most. Points taken both pros & cons but we managed to find the resolution to make up the cons part.

Looking back the past one month, Hanafi attended his Genius Aulad school as per usual and then every Thursday & Friday, he was with me the whole day, being taught and monitored by yours truly.

Why? Well, first and foremost yours truly was one hundred percent Homeschool supporter. Second, yours truly is against the preschool condition of having too many students of 5years old in one class, hemm...20 students? That's too many to my belief. For preschool, I believe the maximum number should be 10 only, hence 1:10 ratio. Third, we have been observing Hanafi's enthusiasm since day one he started his school. He was, ah well not at his peak every morning getting ready for school and at times, reluctant and saying he does not like school. Fourth, what he learned in school was restricting his capacity in taking more than he is capable to. It's like dampening his ability to move forward because he has to wait for...what, yah? That could relate to point number two. Lastly, the main reason when I've decided taking up a Diploma In Early Childhood Education was to nurture my own flesh and blood at his own pace which I've known it too well.

At present, we do not do much because to us parenting itself is Homeschooling and let the nature took its course. We persuaded him to contribute himself to the household chores like babysitting his lil bro, Hambali, folding clothes after taking up from the clothesline (only his clothes), helping his Papa washing the car and sweeping the frontyard.

Additionally, I've added up few books and teaching tools to aid & hoping it's smoothen the journey.

I have chosen the Sunshine Kids Thematic Exercise because it is in line with the National Preschool Syllabus & one of the writer is whom I trust & known well whom was my former lecturer in MU. Managed to score A for both subjects he taught, Literacy & the other was Parent-Teacher Partnership. Also, we got the Wipe-Off Phonics & Maths, Word Games & Reading Games for the Literacy, & few Simple Reference book for the Field Trip Activity or Long Term Project, such as Dinosaurs, Space, Bugs & Egyptian.

I thought I want to try out the Reggio Emilia method, which revolve lots and lots of Art and long-term project plus the ability to challenge a child's creativity. But, after some thought, I would let Hanafi get into the 'feel' of HS first before implementing this approach. I would chat a bit about what is Reggio Emilia in my next chat.

My way of putting up or introducing a new lesson to Hanafi is simple. The steps is as follows:-

1. Showing Hanafi the subject beforehand either by book or article from magazine or print-out materials from the net. Free discussion ie. asking him what he looks forward from that subject (topic)

2. Bring him out to visit any exhibition or any relevant place that hold the subject for further input if it is available. If not, I would hold the event myself (like putting up an experiment and such)

3. Provide any suitable material to emphasize the newly-found knowledge ie. toys, Vcds & so forth.

4. All the materials collected or accumulated would be kept in one folder for revisit or reconstruction.

5. If there's no more additional lesson prior to the topic, we move on to new topic.

For the rest, he is currently moving on to Peter & Jane 4(a) book plus Phonics, Iqra (in the mid of Book 2), Maths (more exercise on Addition & Subtraction) & Bahasa Malaysia (I would start with new method as I'm not satisfy with his performance in BM). And, lots and lots of Art & Craft & Field Trip especially when learning Science & Natural studies.

So, starting this month, Hanafi would be with me twice a week in the office. Isn't it great?


Anonymous said...


hani, nini ni... still remember me? from smlk.

stumbled across your blog. it was really inspiring. good job!

so, just nak say hi & nak tengok you ingat i lagi ke.

contact me at
since i dont have a blog or facebook :)

Doreen said...

Hi,I'm interesting to Homeschool my children but my eldest is in Standard 1 this year,can I change to Homeschool then??? Did you send in your application letter to MOE?

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