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Friday, March 18, 2011

Learning About Dinosaurs

Hanz's : Reminiscence trip done middle of year 2009.

A backdated Chat & 1st attempt implementing the Thematic Approach in our Homeschool.

I was keen on Dinosaur Exposure for Hanafi exactly right after I read an entry in Mummy Intan & Farrahar. They went to the recent Monster & Dinosaur Exhibition, held at Mid Valley last 18th April to 17th May. So, I said to dear hubby, "Let's bring our boys there too!"

Before the trip, I purposely intoduced Dinosaur to Hanafi by using this book....

I asked him, what he look forward when we are in the Dino's Exhibition...he just smiled & shrugged his shoulder...hemmm..he had no idea... ;P

At the Dino's Exhibition, there was nothing much you can do so snapping a picture was the most possible way. Snap-snap...

Cute aah the Dinosaur's Egg? At first, Hanafi was so excited but slowly the excitement faded & he started to feel scared instead...he refused to take a picture with the Dinos... :P

Too bad Baby Hambali was sleeping the whole time despite the commotion surrounded him..he,he. He finally woke uo when we're about to leave the place.

Later, on the very same day, I bought Dinosaur toys for Hanafi for some sort of reinforcement.

It was funny that Hanafi kept on categorizing the Dinosaur to 'Good Dinos' & 'Bad Dinos' just by their looks.

We also let him watch 2 Dino's Movies - 'The Jurassic Park' & 'Dinosaurs' over the weekend.

He told us he enjoyed watching both movies! Aahhh, he finally smitten!

Lastly, a bit of Drawing

then a Collage...

Can you guess the name of the 3 Dinosaurs of Hanafi's Creations?

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