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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hambali's latest progress early this year

What's been happening to Hambali? Anyone miss him?

His latest looks...less chubby...

He's getting cheekier, throwing tantrum on and off and yet he is a self-learner. Self-motivated I must say. All I need to do on stimulating his learning endeavour is by constant videos watching, plastered lesson posters surrounded his bed and make books available within his reach, he is well-off on progressing on his own.

To date, at 32 months old, his learning progress is:

Alphabets - singing the famous ABC song, recognize both small and big letters without fail. Only mispronounced 'w' and 'x' which sound like 'bubble-u' and 'esk'

Numbers - rote-counting 1-15 and occasionally missing number 13, does know counting things, able to relate counting with number recognitions.

Colours - knows yellow, red, blue, green, black, brown, white, orange without any confusion at all.

Shapes - he is so into shapes lately. Knows circle, square, triangle, rectangle and oval. Only mispronounced 'rectangle' like 'whatever' (no kidding :D) and 'triangle' sounds like gibberish but we do know he refers that to triangle.

Jawi - Surprisingly recognized all Jawi letters too and we don't even taught him this. Merely plastered poster and switching on Jawi videos constantly.

self-occupied with his own world

His favourite activity nowadays is this.

Next, I will displayed his art masterpieces and there was even one drawing by him that looks like human being (the orang lidi)

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