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Friday, March 18, 2011

Creativity is a like a tiny seed that needs nurturing

Hanz's : We have attended Homeschooler Talk sometime in last Sepetmber, 2010 and this was the second homeschool event we have attended so far.

Having witnessed our lil tot, Baby Hambali last night, both hubs and me agreed with one thing. Baby Hambali is getting more creative day by day (exluding the messiness he created on the entire household. LOL ;P)

Cloth hanger became belt, toy box became car, stool became hiding fort...and the possibilities of other household materials ended up to something else is endless.

Moreover, he begun his fantasy role-play off-late as we could hear several voices with different pitch and tones, several mimicks and gestures and on and off he called either one of us to tell or show us what he's up to. Simply proud on his creations or findings.

Indeed tiresome, having to clean up over and over again as Baby Hambali refused to clean up his masterpieces. It just like 'man at work', 'don't disturb' signage hung across the living room area. So, only when he is peacefully sleeping, there goes Mama and Papa doing the dirty job and most of the time, elder bro Hanafi will do it too with much grumbling words coming out of his mouth. hehehe...

I just like to share this creativity topic when only last Saturday, me & hubs as well our Double-H attended Breaking Out Of Your Mind mini-talk conducted by well-known Homeschooler's Parents (Family), Mr KV Soon & Ms Chong Wai Leng. We were looking forward to attend an event by them as we subscribed their FB network, read their blog & book & all this while we missed few earlier events by them. Plus, we need to build a homeschool network and get to mingle more with other homeschoolers.

It was an eye-opening talk. We learnt a lot especially the hands-on activity that relates with creativity as all in all it taught us to think differently and try to see the world from a child's point of view especially our own children.

There is so much things we need to evaluate and creativity is one of them. Hubs and me already discussed few things about our Homeschool preps next year, and yup, till end of this year, we are getting busier than ever for this.

And, coming back on creativity topic, the surrounding add with the encouragement is a vital key to nurture creativity in one's child. Forget the mess, just let their carefree mind wandering and creates anything. That is us alright. ;-D

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