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Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural Learner in progress

Hanz's : Progress observation to our eldest boy, Hanafi who was then 6 years old before end of year 2010.

Amazed observing how my elder boy, Hanafi attempted his E.nopi Math worksheet last night. 2 digits addition in example, 15 + 14, 22 + 13, both vertical and diagonal, he did it just like reading, read the sum and without seconds of thinking moment, he wrote the answer. No hesitation. And all was correct.

Seeing that really seconded what his Math teacher told me an hour earlier when I went to collect his worksheet (he missed class last nite, fasting month was'nt easy to send him to class right on time during week days). His teacher told me that he could finished his classwork sums very fast and when during maths (sums) flash card, he exceeded the standard average of 6 years old in answering spontaneously. Hardly wrong and hardly moment of hesitation.

By the time I am typing this, I feel a pang of 'touch'. So proud of him. What is the X-factor of this intelligence? It could be God-gift to him on his awesome memory as we do admit that Hanafi at times possess the photographic memory ...what he seen, he can remember very well. He is a visual learner and audio skills is what he needs polishing.

But, we believe mostly is the natural learning environment he was being in all these years. No pressure, no kiasu-expectation from his parents and we just let him being him. I suppose for most 6 years old whom a couple of months more before year ends parents are anxious on how their child would fare when attending Standard 1 Primary school. If the child still cannot read, probably extra reading class during school holiday is being considered. We cannot help to compare our child with other children, isn't it?

Our Hanafi do has his downside. There are things he does lacking. Anyhow, all in all, as long he read beyond just well, recite doa & being learnt well in religious side, good in maths, enjoyed scribbling and drawing in his doodle / sketch pad, he is genius in his own kind of way.

The key factor for that is that of what we being doing all this years that influenced on what he is now...
* Starts early. As early as child inside womb. Read, lullaby & Quran recite.
* Constant and persistent. Set target based on child's ability.Enhance the gifts, spare time to workout the downside.
* Environment conducive for learning to takes place naturally. Cut down tvs (we never subscribe ASTRO), limit video games, no violence-form induce of toys instead bring in toys that requires structuring and creativity.
* Books, books, I need say more?
* Bring child along wherever you go as long it is possible to do so. Learning takes place everywhere even just observation alone.
* Faith and originality.

When a child seeing and understand why he needs to learn, he will enjoy learning as much as he wants to with gentle coaxing from the child's first teacher : Parents.

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