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Friday, March 18, 2011

Adopting Montessori for toddler's motor skill (Part 2)

Activity #3 : Threading

Objective : Eye-hand coordination and improves concentration and dexterity


1. We bought the ready-made threading toy last time from Pusat Sains Negara. Actually, you can make it yourself by getting a thicker thread like wool yarn or strings or even old shoelaces. Some art store or sewing store sells beads in various sizes but make sure you find the one with holes on both sides.

2. Show how it needs to be done for the first time for your toddler. This activity requires lots of patience and be prepared that your toddler may show frustration over failure attempts.

Activity #4 : Pincer grasp and colour matching

Objective : Practice finger grasp and flexibility

Steps :

1. You just need medium-sized (toddler-sized better) thong, few colourful small hair tie-bands, a wide flat bowl, 1 colour pallette and few coloured papers and double-sided tape. Make sure the coloured papers match the coloured bands, like yellow paper with yellow bands. 6 pairs of colours will do as the coloured pallette only have six round spaces.

2. I prefer to paste coloured papers onto the spaces in the pallettes rather coloured the palletes. Colours may peeled-off over time and won't last as well as contains chemicals.

3. As always, you need to show for the first time, how this activity needs to be done. Your toddler only needs to grasp the bands using the thong to the coloured pallettes.

3. Once all bands inside each spaces, toddler can do the reverse by putting it back to the bowl.

4. This activity can be tiring for toddler's little fingers so stop immediately when your toddler shown irritant.

Hanz's : Baby Hambali is not in the picture to model this time round since these two activities is the least activities he like especially the threading.

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