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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trips Everywhere during 2010 Hari Raya long holidays

Hanz's : Reminiscence last year long holidays during Raya festive seaon.

TheHoneybunch is back in blogosphere after the loooong silence.

Where have we've been from first Raya to yesterday?

Here are some sneak peaks on few trips we had and activities we've done.

The very First Raya Day. Location : Shah Alam. Hubby's side of family.

I suppose it is a must of each hub's siblings' with their own family
to pose a raya piccas on this leopard print sofas yearly. ;-D.
Our Raya clothings colour theme for this year is Lavender.
8 Nephews and 3 Nieces becomes Double-H's cousins.

The Second & Third Raya Day. Location : Seremban. My side of family. ;-P.

Hanafi received an IQ Puzzle from his Pak Teh consisted of
5 Unique-shaped Blocks to be assembled into 100 Images.
He did well for his age and for 2 days at my parent's house
he managed to complete up to 25 images.
Better than her Mama whom too distracted
and too busy to crack her brain for this sort of puzzle.
7 Nephews and 6 Nieces of my side of family.
3 of them just started working after graduated from uni.

Fourth Raya Day. Location : Home Sweet Home in Kota Damansara.
In other words, it's a laundry day & a rest day for us.

Fifth Raya Day. 2nd Science Trip & more nature's trip for our boys.
Location : Zoo Negara.

Too many pictures & we will compiled them for photobook soon
specifically for Homeschool trips since last year to this year.

Sixth Raya Daya. 3rd Science trip & went up high on the mountains.
Hanafi was looking forward for this one. Location : Genting Highlands.

Inside the Cable Car....

After had our lunch, we bought the one day unlimited indoor rides for all of us. Did'nt managed to ride all due to time constraints.
The first ride we rowed, rowed your boat...the Venice Gondola

View when we inside the Gondola

Then, rides for the boys, mostly for Hanafi

The Carousel

The Ride De Paris

The Ferris Wheel

The Kiddies Bumper Car

Oh, don't blame her for becoming budak kecik
after witnessed her own son enjoyed car-bumping!

The Reindeer Cruiser

That was the last ride before we off.
Took the cable car again.
Were we too exhausted!

Seventh Raya Day. Location : Home Sweet Home in Kota Damansara.
Baby Hambali went into long deep slumberland almost the whole day.
It was the day for us to rest. Aching legs and sore arms. Hehehe....

Eight Raya Day. Location : Planetarium Negara. Actually this was not the planned trips but it was last-minute idea from me.
Hubs had this idea on going for round-a-round KL
by monorail, Putra & Star & even the commuters.
Instead, I insisted to hubs this venue.

It was not really a good place probably there are few spaces were under constructions and no activities being held.
I vote National Science Centre better than Planetarium though.

Astronauts in the making? ;->

All in all, the whole week, we enjoyed another activities.
Munching & finishing off these delectable raya cookies,
bought last minute at Sunway Pyramid on Raya's Eve.

It is pricey but the taste won't make you regretted spending your money on them. Should I know they would taste these great,
I don't mind getting more on other types and more quantities
especially the White Chocolate Almond.
Boy...the white chocolate almond is a favourite to all of us!!

And of course, these Pineapple Tart.
I had it in every breakfast and teatime daily..
now, sudah habislah both jars.

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