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Saturday, March 19, 2011

10 Ways to grow a happy child

1. Fall in love with your baby by having a positive birthing experience for baby, mother and father right from pregnancy, confinement till the early years.

2. Strengthen that love by breastfeeding your child until he or she no longer needs it.

3. A refreshed mother, thanks to co-sleeping and nursing simultaneously ends to worry less of her child's safety and make her a patient mother!

4. Keep your baby with you as much as possible and babywearing can ease this.

5. Respond quickly and compassionately to your baby's cries, both day and night.

6. Stimulate your baby's vision and teach colours and the easiest way to do is cloth diapering with many choice of colours and prints!

7. A close bond between parent and child naturally achieved through breastfeeding, holding and touching, carrying likewise babywearing, shared sleep and understanding the cues of the needs by signing and body gesture.

8. Remember that punishment teaches violence and damage the relationship between parent and child.

9. Allow your child's sense of trust by plenty of time to grow strong and ample spacing between children provides emotional benefits.

10. Give your child undivided attention and understanding with faith and prayers inside your heart. The best school can be found right at home.

Hanz's : Have you done any of the above with the love of Natural Parenting?

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