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Friday, March 18, 2011

Incoperating Baby Sign to our Household

I googled a lot on this subject few days back & lucky to find there is so much I can do with Baby Sign. In fact, with proper plan Baby Sign can evolve symbiotic to Homeschooling. Those notes that I've printed out has provided plenty ideas & that would be the next step onwards to be materialise.

I thought I want to get more materials from BabySign Malaysia then I got this idea (me, being frugalicious. Anyway, I still need other materials for other activities) which in any other way systematic to my liking. I photostated all the signs caricatures featured in my Parent Kit and then group them under the same category like Animals, Action Words, Feelings , etc. This way, Hanafi could benefitted it more & perhaps to baby Hambali soon. I chose several 'Pooh' fancy papers for layout since Pooh is the 'thing' we associated with baby Hambali & it become like this...

I have decided that within certain period of time, about 12 to 16 signs (about 6-8 signs per layout) will be exposed to my boys. I made One Background to stick 2 layouts from a cardboard which I have pasted it to our balcony door. So from time to time, each layout would be changed to another once the entire household 'mastered' it (exception for Baby Hambali as it is subjective in relation of milestones). Here's how it was done....

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