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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Idiot Box Can Babysit Your Child

People call it Idiot Box. True. If you misuse it.

But, use it wisely, you'll gain something out of it.

To parents especially, it can babysit your child while at the same time your child will be learning.

My google findings from

Q:How do children learn best?
A:Everyone has their own, unique learning style, but most people fall into one of two basic categories:

* Visual Learners - people who learn best by seeing pictures and words
* Auditory Learners - people who learn best by hearing the information spoken

Additionally, children watch and learn and their best teachers is their own kind - other children ! They imitate to learn and visual stimulation with good music aids in this process.

We have been ongoing implementing both Visual Leaner & Auditory Leaner approach for both our boys.

We started off with classical music apart from the Quranic verses when they're in my womb.

By the time Hanafi was 3 months old, we let him watched stimulating vcd, only his lil brother a bit later. But for listening, we started them about the same time.

Some of the Vcds & Cds we used....

And when they are growing, recommended Vcds, we love to share...

Range from Nursery Rhymes, Alphabets, Counting, Funny Story, Values, Making learning fun with some tips.

Don't forget to add these as well....

Learning English Step-by-step....(it is up to Volume 6)

Children's book turn to VCDs...Scholastic well-reviewed & well-recommended books...another way to encourage your child to read. Bet once they watch the videos, they likely want to read the same title through books. Vice versa. :P

Some tips :-
1. Grab the cd or vcd based by age group.
2. Allow child to watch only certain period of time. The rule of thumb is one cd only per session. It usually last 20minutes to 30minutes.
3. Repetition is good. Children unlikely to get bored easily watching the same cd over & over again compared to adults.
4. Don't let them sit too near to the tv.
5. Join in the fun by watching it together. Your child will appreciate it when you show the same interest.
6. Discuss what has been shown from the cds during & even at other times.
7. You can even let any of the character to be as role-model whenever you feel like teaching some values.
8. Recall the lesson it provided from any relevant cds to the current lesson.
9. Introduce new cd one cd at a time after your child hinted that he's bored or he's already 'mastered' it.
10. Never force your child. Watching videos supposed to be fun, fun, fun!

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