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Friday, March 18, 2011

How to pick early signs of giftedness for very young children

Sometime ago, I regularly received periodic newsletter based on my free subscription with If my faint memory can be rely on, the former website is based in Singapore. Basically it caters for parents & Early Childhood Educator by providing some insight in latest discovery in all aspects of children especially in brain development & early child development.

Here's some checklist if you feel like assessing your lil ones. Read on!

Birth to 2 years old

The following checklist is a rough indication of what you may want to look out for after your child is born up to 2 years of age.

  • Ability of recognize carers early (within a few months after birth)
  • Early expressions eg. smiling
  • Unusual alertness
  • Interest in books (turning pages before 1 year of age and paying attention when read to within 6 months)
  • Unusually active & high levels of energy (but not hyperactive)
  • Playing with shape sorters by about 11 months
  • Ability to form two word phrases by 14 months
  • Ability to understand instructions by 18 months
  • Ability to say & understand many words before 18 months
  • Could stay still & enjoy a tv programs (eg. Barney) by the age of 1
  • Has favourite TV Shows / VCD /DVDs by age 1
  • Appears to require less sleep (yet not sleepy or irritable due to lack of sleep)
  • Recognition of letters / alphabets by age 2
  • Recognition & rote counting of numbers 1 - 10 or higher by age 2
  • Recognition of colours by age 2
  • Recognition of first word by age 2
  • Interest in puzzles by age 2
  • Has long attention span in interest areas by age 2
  • Ability to form at least 3 word sentence by age 2
  • Interest in time by age 2

2 to 4 years old

The following includes most skills in the checklist above

  • Early & extensive language development & vocabulary, forms grammatically correct sentence as compared to peers
  • Interest in computers (not video games)
  • Ability to solve a 20-piece puzzle by age 3
  • Has a vivid imagination (includes having imaginary friends)
  • Extraordinary feats of memory
  • Extreme curiosity & asks many questions
  • Specific talent (if any), such as artistic ability or an unusual facility for numbers - becomes more apparent by age 4
  • Ability to memorize & recall facts easily
  • Early development of a sense of humour
  • Ability to do one-to-ne counting for small quantities by age 3
  • Recognition of simple signs & own written name by age 3
  • Ability to write letters, numbers, words & their names between 3 & 4 years
  • Ability to read easy readers by age 4
  • Rather independent on the computer by age 4
  • Demonstration of musical aptitude just after 2
  • Ability to do simple addition & subtraction by age 4
  • High degrees of mathematical understanding by age 4

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