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Friday, March 18, 2011

Books and books galore!

Sharing & sharing alike!

1) All time favourites. Well-recommended books.
**The Gruffalo**, **The Stinky Cheeseman and other fairly stupid tales**, **Something Else**, **Goodnight Moon**, **Chicka Chicka Boom Boom** (VCD available as well & we love it!!) & **Guess How Much I Love You**, **But Not the Hippopotamus**.

2) Eric Carle's Collection
I have to say that I, myself adore Eric Carle especially the illustration, so child-like collage concept is his trademark & thumbs up on the easy-read repetition yet informative plus the moral values writing. Believe me, I learnt all types of insect names in one of his books.
**The Very Hungry Caterpillar**, The Very Quiet Cricket**, The Mixed-up Chameleon** (noted the Chameleon, huh #wink,wink#), **The Grouchy Ladybug**

3) Dr Seuss Collection
Famous for it's wackiness. Who can resist the funny looking creatures, tongue-ties & such?
**The Foot Book**, **The Cat in the Hat-Great Big Flap Book** (compilation of his classic but differ in version by the basic learning it provides), **Hop On Pop**, **Oh Say You Can Say**, **One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish**

4) Whole set of famous Peter & Jane of Ladybird Collections & some Phonics Books

5) Brown Bookshelf - loaded for easily available books

6) Black Bookshelf also loaded with various kinds of books

7) Arranging books nicely capture child's attention

8) More books

P/S = Book is like a window to knowledge that one can't possibly imagine. Instill a love of book & make reading as a must-have activity for family!

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