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Friday, March 18, 2011

Who said Book is Boring?

Ask yourself,"Do I read?". Then ask yourself again,"Do I REALLY read?" Two self-prodded questions will obtain two different answers though it SOUNDS almost the same. Be honest with yourself.

Now, ask yourself again,"Do I want my little ones to read? Do I REALLY want my little ones to REALLY read?"

If the answer is positive, read on my chat or else just go blog-hop to others. My chat onwards specifically to those who want their loved little ones to LOVE BOOKS & LOVE READING.

It happened to me that few people did asked what types of books is suitable for their child. I came across as well in forums & blogs, parents are unsure on how to read to their child & how to make their child love reading. You can pick some guidelines from my previous 'chat' which I had covered about reading to baby & toddler, then I shared some techniques to instill a love of reading & latest was reading to preschooler. I did chat about my books collections too in general. Perhaps a comprehensive show & tell of what types of books available for children can provide some insights to you.

I will chat randomly, but the suitability, you have to decide. If there is any more Qs, bring it on. Here we go.

1. Cloth book

2. Baby-sized board book

3) Lift-the-flap book

4) Funny-shaped book

5) Pop-Up (3-D) Book

6) Electronic book (Book with sound)

7) Floaty book (Bath-time book)
- Adding fun during bath-time! One made from durable plastic & the other made from foam-like material.

8) Activity book
- The one that we have is Jigsaw Puzzle book. I've been thinking to add Wipe-Off book for my boys.

9) Create Your Own book
- Specially made for our 1stborn, Hanafi. Obtained it from a good friend of mine who is doing this type of service business.

10) Multi-purpose book
- I, myself simply love this. Purchased it for Hanafi, now it last to Hambali. It's like a toy-book!

It can be hung like at the stroller, carseat, crib & baby cot. Here I just hang it at the door (for snap-pics only)

It can be chew too!

See the 4 corners of the book with different textures & colours? It's good for baby that is in teething stage.

It is also touch & feel book. Can you see the cute little butterfly? It is also in contrast colour black & white, cater for newborn eyesight.

11) Captivating illustration & typeface book

12) Just 'ERIC CARLEs"
- My Favourite Among All. Just look & you will know why

Get the Rhyme book (I adore Dr Seuss), The Big Size Book (Storyteller like to use this), Sticker Book & plenty more. Scrapbooking is also an 'in' thing nowadays & one of the activities you can do with your child.

By now you can see that there's HUGE varieties of books available for children. Just take your pick. Well, I don't think I have cover the whole topic of types of book & for sure I miss the other types. Rest assured, I will update this topic from time to time.

You don't even have to spend a fortune to varies your books collection. I'm a firm believer of 'Frugalicious', so I am always on the lookout for Book Sales, Book Exhibition, 2nd-hand books shops via brick & mortar as well as those onlines & even in Book Section at HyperMart like Giant & Tesco, you'll be surprised! :P (mataku cepat nampak buku2 ni :>)...Make the effort & it guarantees that you will find many treasures just in books alone.

Make books available everywhere, like me, we stock up 4 to 5 of baby Hambali's books in the car & I'll remind his big brother Hanafi to bring 2 to 3 books in his bag so that he will get himself occupied if there's no other activity when we'rw out & about.

If you ask me to choose between book or toy for MyBoys, without hesitation, I will answer BOOK.

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