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Friday, March 18, 2011

Adopting Montessori for toddler's motor skill (Part 1)

A bit of history on Montessori...

Montessori approach in teaching children was founded by Maria Montessori. Initially was meant for the handicapped children but after sometime, she realized it can be good too for any children. Montessori basically & partially stressed on motor-skill in learning & would utilised specially created tools for manipulation on specifically-purposed activity.

I, myself was fascinated by its concept but not really well-trained in this area. Somehow, I managed to get hands-on experienced before by working in Montessori preschool. I made a mental note on few activities they catered for their students and now I adopted some activities as part of my younger boy's activity.

These two are Baby Hambali's favourite activities!

Activity #1 : Pouring

Objective : Living Skills on pouring water (spatial skills)

Steps :
1. You just need two small plastic jugs about the size of your child can manage & few balls.
2. Show your child how this activity to be done one time only. Then your child can do the same.
3. After some time, you can replace the balls with smaller objects and finally replace it with water.

The ultimate objective for this skill is to pour water without any drops missed.

Activity #2 : Spooning

Objective : Living Skills on spooning (spatial skills)

Steps :
1. You just need 1 ice-cube containers & marbles (quantity just enough to fit each ice holes), 1 plastic container & small spoon.
2. Place all marbles in the container & show to your child that he or she is required to spoon each marble into each hole of the ice-cube containers. 1 marble is per 1 hole.
3. Ensure your child only using spoon to do this activity & he or she is disallowed to use the finger to slot in the marbles.
4. After all holes filling in, then asked your child to spoon the marble back to the container.
5. This activity can be repeated few times & let your child decide on how many times he or she want to do it.

CAUTION : Be careful on attending small objects. Never leave your child unattended because it can caused choking.

Hanz's Note : Next, threading & pincer grasp activity plus colour-match.

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