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Friday, March 18, 2011

How to encourage creativity in toddler

Do it like TheHoneybunch.....

1. Allow your little toddler to extend the function of things. The possibility of creating a multi-purpose concept of his belonging and other thing creates a little inventor.

2. Observe what your little toddler is up to without any intervention. Being sneaky actually meaning your little toddler has been thinking on how to solve his problem. Don't underestimate the lack of physical attributes doesn't mean that your little toddler is incapable to be creative.

Mama : Some things I found so far are cookies crumbs, lego pieces, tiny cars, alphabets magnets and cereals 'hidden' nicely at the edge of my files and folders.
The above picture is an evidence.

3. Expose to lots and lots of toys that involves assembling and build like LEGO. The percentage of masterpiece is endless.

4. Practice their fine-motor skills a lot. Encourage kneading, rolling, twisting, pinching, punching, grasping, pulling, poking, princing and even balancing.The best way through clay play.

5. Mess is good. Colours is fun.Science concept basics.

Finally, bring your little toddler to different surrounding and the best place is get your little toddler close to nature. Just let your little toddler explore our Mother Earth as much he or she wanted!

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