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Friday, March 18, 2011

How pre-reading skills lead to reading success

Ever wonder how I make my boys, Hanafi & Hambali love books?

The keyword is pre-reading skills. Reading is merely a visual representation of the spoken word. And just as we teach our children to talk & the appropriate words for objects & people, we can begin early to teach our children how letters represent certain sounds & when those letter symbols are grouped, they form words.

Pre-reading activities begin early & most parents aren't even aware they are preparing their young child to read.It's all about exposing the child to both spoken & written language.Parents can set their children up for success without pushing by making sure that they have the maximum exposure to these activities.

If you are currently doing any, some or all of the 10 Steps as listed below, you are in the right track.

1. Singing the alphabet song to help your cranky baby get to sleep.

2. Your child's bedroom or playroom plastered with ABC posters or carpeted with ABC mat.

3. Vibrant letter magnets is easily reachable for your child adorn the refrigerator.

4. Parent who talk often with their children long before the child can hold up their own conversation are actually teaching their children pre-reading skills.

5. Exposure through to those well-recognized early reader board books. These books, made from thick cardboard and easy for less-than-nimble fingers to manipulate have simple, colourful pictures and short basic words.

6. Model reading. Children who see their parents reading, often become readers & come to accept that reading is a matter-of-fact activity.

7. Read aloud is one of the best ways to encourage interest in reading.

8. Establish a place in the child's room for his or her books. A feeling of ownership is important!

9. Schedule regular family visits to the bookstore & library, even if your child doesn't seem interested in taking out books.

10. Buy book or magazine for yourself & let your children know it!

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