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This Blog is solely private property of Hanz & TheHoneybunch.All the contents are based on the life we lead and sharing from what I learnt & read. We love homeschool and are happily homeschooling our boys aged 7, 3 and a baby for the past 7 years.

We welcome you to share as we would never stop learning because we believe the world is our classroom. Thank you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Homeschool Keeps Is Borned Today!

We need another blog, meaning for keepsakes of our Homeschool Journey, begun when our eldest son, Hanafi borned and now is already 7 years old. 7 years journey it neither short nor too long to self-proclaimed that we are very successfully homeschooler and yet, we cherished every moment of it and proud to say that homeschool is part of our life. Homeschool two boys at the moment, a 7 and almost 3 and expecting another bundle of joy very soon.

We chose the path of homeschool as one of the way to raise our children besides adopting the love and needs of Natural Parenting in our lifestyle.

Initially, I would transferred the old postings from my former blog : Charm Chameleon Chatterbox and I would still be doing so having both blogs having the homeschool topics to share among my readers. Even if I would no longer sharing much on homeschooling with the jumbo-mumbo blog, I would mentioned there's a new posting on this homeschooling blog of ours.

Creating this blog is a way for us to be more organized and be more active in the world of homeschooling and this is going to be a niche blog definitely. Along with this, it is to record, to share and to keep on learning from other homeschoolers.

One step forward and praying success and meaningful life on us is what we wish to keep.


transformed housewife said...

Can't wait to read the other entries here :D

MieVee @ said...

All the best to your new blog! Already subscribed via reader. :)

DeLLa said...

keep up good work!all the best!

AlohaMolly said...

All the Best Hanz and thanks always for sharing good and useful info!

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